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Pantyhose Fans

Hi, dear Pantyhose Fans. Today we’ll say a word about our awesome community. I really love everyone of you, because your likes, your visits and comments make me smile :)

About a year ago I decided to start with something related to pantyhose, which is my fetish and I started. Step by step, we have now, what we have:

We have facebook with about 50.000 fans:

This is our main site on .com domain (proud of it):

Our very first blog:

This is our second blog:

Youtube channel with over 100 hundred vids:

Google+ (I’m happy I started an account there):

Everybody should start a Twitter (very helpful tool):

Our Tumblr (we are also proud of this account):

And our last but not the least child - our forum:

And day by day by day we do everything for your pleasure :) 

Cheers, Pantyhose Fans administrators

Pantyhose Fans on youtube
can men wear awesome pantyhose

fuck me if they can’t! everybody is allowed to wear cool pantyhose :)